Partners for Change

Through our entrepreneurial spirit and strategic thinking, zeb has
established itself as the #1 strategy and management
consultancy in the financial services industry in Europe to date. With us,
our clients are addressing pressing issues arising from the industry’s
changing dynamics and regulatory requirements. Together we face the
only constant — change.
Helge Böschenbröker

Helge Böschenbröker

Managing Director and Vice President Italy

Helge Böschenbröker is Managing Director and Vice President of zeb Italy. As a highly experienced management consultant and long standing financial services expert with a career at zeb that now spans nearly two decades in Germany and internationally, he is also a member of our Digital Financial Services Practice Group.

Paolo Ciccarese

Paolo Ciccarese

Partner/Amministratore Delegato Italy

As a long-standing and vital member of our Italian team, Paolo Ciccarese has been instrumental as the face of the positioning, development and dynamic growth of zeb’s Milan office. After having joined the board in 2015 from within the company as Managing Director, Paolo was then appointed Amministratore Delegato in early 2016.

Andrea Gnetti

Andrea Gnetti

Andrea Gnetti joined zeb’s Milan office in late 2018 as Managing Director bringing with him the perfect combination of being a seasoned banking professional, having worked as senior management executive in large financial institutions in Italy, complemented by an international career in management consulting.

andreas rinker

Andreas Rinker

Founding Partner/President Italy

Andreas Rinker, who can look back on more than 30 years of experience in banking and consulting altogether, co-founded zeb in 1992 and has been a member of the management board of the zeb group for 15 years. He is an expert in strategy, organization / IT transformation and risk management topics in retail banking, private banking / wealth management and corporate banking.

Who we are....

We are partners for change.
We focus on what matters to our clients in the financial services industry – our goal is to improve their performance and competitive strength. We support and work closely with our clients’ decision makers, employees and stakeholders at every stage of the project – from conceptual design, creatively tailoring ideas to innovative strategies based on robust quantitative analyses for effective and thorough implementation.


We tap into our long-standing in-depth expertise in the fields of financial services strategy, sales, organisation, corporate management, human capital, regulation and IT.
We have the full spectrum of opportunities and challenges in today's financial services industry firmly in our sight. From this, we create forward looking, sustainable value for and with our clients. zeb: that's 360° management consultancy – every day, every challenge, every opportunity, every client.